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Violent Crimes – TPC

Violent Crimes

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Violent Crimes are prosecuted aggressively.  Often the best prosecutors are assigned to these cases and the government’s position is stern.  These crimes carry stiff penalties including lengthy mandatory prison sentences and even life in prison or the death penalty.

Often times the government will not make an offer on a violent offense.  This leaves you with two options, pleading guilty with no plea bargain in place (this is commonly referred to as a blind plea or open plea) or, option two, taking your case to trial.  Charles L. Barberio IV takes pride in the fact that they have successfully defended even the toughest of cases to Not Guilty verdicts at trial.  These cases include overcoming lying witnesses, coerced confessions, lying police officers and large scale detailed criminal investigations.  It is the ability to win the tough case that builds credibility and may lead to plea bargain negotiations even when the government has a substantial case against our clients.

Plea Negotiations

A favorable plea bargain for a violent crime may not be forthcoming unless the government believes they may be beat at trial.  The attorneys at Charles L. Barberi o IV have a track record of winning at trial.  That track record is built on the consistent exceptional representation of our clients in trial, however, it benefits all of our clients, even those that choose to accept a favorable plea bargain negotiated by our attorneys.  The threat that the government may lose at trial may prompt plea bargain discussions that result in an offer of probation, a reduction in the offense charge, a minimum prison sentence and on occasion even the outright dismissal of a charge.  Each case is unique and results may vary based on a wide array of factors that are present in a particular case but whatever the case, our attorneys are adept at maximizing your options and your freedom.

Armed Criminal Action

If charged with Armed Criminal Action there are mandatory minimum prison sentences with no ceilings on how high they can climb.  Even a first offense carries a mandatory three year minimum.  The attorneys at Charles L. Barberio IV have successfully defended these cases to Not Guilty verdicts at jury trial and even received dismissals on the Armed Criminal Action case as a condition of a plea bargain.  The facts of every case are different.  Some may involve in depth criminal investigations conducted by the police and others may be a case of he said she said.   Although the facts may be different, the constant that remains in every case, is that you or your loved one’s liberty is on the line and our attorneys will work hard to protect your freedom.

85% Rule

In many crimes involving violence there is a mandatory minimum of a prison sentence that a defendant must serve before he is eligible for parole.  The name of the rule speaks for itself, it is the 85% Rule.  If a crime draws the application of this rule a defendant is looking at serious prison time.  Our attorneys have successfully defended these cases to a variety of favorable results.  We have negotiated plea bargains that resulted in a reduction of the charged offense to a lesser offense that does not include application of this harsh penalty.  Our attorneys have also successfully defended cases at trial to not guilty verdicts on charges that would have required application of this rule.