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The Drunkest Night of the Year: Thanksgiving Eve Choose Your Own Adventure

Thanksgiving EveI don’t know if this is just a Midwest thing or if everyone else experiences this too, but Thanksgiving Eve is usually the drunkest night of the year.

You’ve seen it in cheesy made for TV holiday movies – going back to your hometown, meeting up with old high school friends at the local bar, maybe making some bad decisions.

This year of course, things may look differently with COVID, but let’s take a step back in time to when Thanksgiving Eve was basically a high school reunion.

We at The People’s Counsel are all about a good party but we can’t stress enough the importance that everyone enjoy responsibly so they don’t have to come to us with DUI/DWI.

Choose Your Own Thanksgiving Eve Adventure below.

Remember to call a Lyft or Uber this Thanksgiving Eve if you’re out drinking. Enter your email here to receive a free ride home on The People’s Counsel (first come first serve).

Scenario 1: Meeting Up With High School Best Friend

To start out Thanksgiving Eve, you head out to the local bar with your high school best friend. They buy the first round of beers. Over at the bar, you see your high school nemesis. They wave you over. Do you:

Do Shots With High School Nemesis

Go To Second Bar With High School Best Friend

Scenario 2: Do Shots With High School Nemesis

You decide to walk over and join your high school nemesis. They buy you a round of shots as you remanence and laugh at immature high school rivalries. You see a group of friends from elementary school over at another table. High school nemesis invites you to smoke on the back patio. Do you:

Shotgun Beers With Childhood Friends
Smoke a joint out back

Scenario 3: Go To Second Bar With High School Best Friend

Your friend and you leave for a less crowded bar. Upon entering, you see your high school ex and some friends from your neighborhood group growing up. Do you and your friend join:

Your High School Ex
Your Childhood Friends

Scenario 4: Shotgun Beers With Childhood Friends

You approach your childhood friends. One walks up with a 6 pack of beer cans and you all shotgun beers. You then start playing a drinking game seeing if you can correctly remember everyone’s name from your 6th grade class. One friend invites you out back to smoke, but you still wanted to catch up with your ex. Do you:

Go out back to smoke a joint
Catch Up With Your High School Ex

Scenario 5: Join High School Ex

You walk up to the table your high school ex is sitting at with a few of their friends. You two catch up and you find out they are still single! After a few drinks and catching up, they get up to leave. Do you:

Go home with your ex
Look for another way home

Scenario 6: Look for A Way Home

You decide it’s time to wind the party down and head home. You’ve had quite a bit to drink, but don’t want to have to pick up your car Thanksgiving morning. Do you:

Drive your car home
Call your mom to pick you up

Scenario 7: Call Your Mom To Pick You Up

Your mom is already tucked away in bed and didn’t pick up her phone. Her house is only a mile from the bar. Do you:

Drive your car home
Call a Lyft for a ride home

Scenario 8: Drive Your Car

You get in your car to drive back for the evening. Two blocks from your destination, you hit a police check point. You get pulled over and are asked to take a breathalyzer. You are over a .08 BAC and are now facing a Missouri DWI charge.

You call your friend Charles Barberio with The People’s Counsel. He works with you to get half the points removed from your driver’s license for your DWI. Luckily, by selecting The People’s Counsel to represent you, you actually saved almost $600 in increased insurance fees. Plus, Charles gave you a $50 Lyft gift card for a safe ride home in the future.

(Enter to win Lyft gift card here)


Scenario 9: Smoke A Joint Out Back

You go out back to smoke a joint with your friends. After the second hit, you feel like you need to sit down. A few friends tell you about an after party. Do you:

Go To The After Party
Look for a way home

Scenario 10: Go To After Party

You go to a backyard bonfire at a neighborhood friends house. You got a ride from a friend, so you just walk home to your mom’s house once the party winds down. Even though it was a crazy night, you had a lot of fun and made safe choices to get back home.

If you want a free ride home next time you’re out drinking with friends, enter to win a $50 Lyft gift card. (LINK)


Scenario 11: Leave With High School Ex

You decide to leave the bar with your high school ex. He invites you over to his place, but said you need to drive because his friends gave him a ride to the bar. You’ve had a lot to drink, but he only lives three blocks away. Do you:

Call A Lyft
Drive your car

Scenario 12: Call A Lyft

You’ve definitely had way too much to drink to drive. You call a Lyft for a ride to your final destination for the night. When you’re two blocks away from your drop off point, your Lyft driver gets stopped at a police check point. Phew, you are so glad you didn’t decide to drive yourself.

Enter to win a $50 Lyft gift card for your own safe ride home.


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