Stealing charges come in many degrees of severity but always carry a negative connotation.  A conviction can result in the loss of employment and follow a defendant around for the rest of their life labeling them as “untrustworthy” to potential future employers.  For young men and women it can result in denials from Universities and alienate them from the workforce before they ever get started.  Luckily our attorneys work hard to keep convictions off our client’s records to help our clients avoid these negative consequences.

Stealing can come in many different degrees (generally listed below):

RSMo 570.030

Class A misdemeanor:  up to a year in county jail

-value is less than $500

Class C felony:  1 year to 7 years

-value is more than $500 but less than $25,000

Class B felony:  5 years – 15 years

-value is more than $25,000