St. Louis Homicide Map (2020)

The St. Louis murder rate is on pace for another 200 murders in 2020. St. Louis Murder lawyers at the People’s counsel have successfully defended numerous homicide cases, not only in St. Louis, but all over Missouri. Per capita, though, St. Louis ranks as one of the most murderous cities in the world (with populations of over 300,000). Year after year, St. Louis ranks as the number one murder city in the United States per capita, of cities with populations over 300,000.

So far in 2020, the Jeff Vanderlou Neighborhood is leading all others with over 15 murders as of September. At the current pace, the neighborhood is on track for over 20 murders in a single year, which would be a record number over the past 5 years, for a single neighborhood years end total.

Other perineal top of the list neighborhoods such Wells-Goodfellow and The Greater Ville have seen their numbers fall off significantly from previous years. While each of those neighborhoods has averaged about a murder per month over the last 5 years, those numbers have fallen so far in 2020 to about 50% of their yearly average. Unfortunately, other neighborhoods such as Walnut Park East and Walnut Park West have picked up the slack, with a combined 22 murders through August, they are well ahead of their annual homicide numbers and pacing St. Louis for another 200 murder year.

Top ten deadliest neighborhoods in St. Louis, (2020)
    Number of murders % of all murders in St. Louis
1st Jeff Vanderlou 14 8.30%
2nd Walnut Park West 13 7.80%
3rd Walnut Park East 9 5.40%
4th Baden 7 4.20%
5th Dutchtown 6 3.60%
5th Hamilton Heights 6 3.60%
7th Carondelet 5 3%
7th North Point 5 3%
7th Penrose 5 3%
7th The Greater Ville 5 3%
7th West End 5 3%
(Top 11)   80 47.90%