St. Louis Homicide Map (2019)

The St. Louis Homicide Map 2019, shows that seven different neighborhoods reached double digit murder totals for the year. In the five years that our St. Louis murder attorneys have been tracking the neighborhood statistics, it is the highest number of neighborhoods that reached double digit murder totals in a single year. Wells-Goodfellow, Dutchtown, Penrose, Walnut Park East, Baden, The Greater Ville, and the Jeff Vanderlou neighborhoods, all with double digit murder totals, accounted for nearly 44% of all murders in St. Louis for 2019.

The St. Louis murder rate per capita in 2019, ranked them 9th in the world for highest murder rates among cities with at least 300,000 population. At over 64.5 murders per 100,000 population, St. Louis beat out other large cities such as Detroit, New Orleans and Baltimore.

Despite the grim statistics, St. Louis had 33 neighborhoods without a single homicide in 2019. Many of those neighborhoods border each other creating a noticeable contrast to some of the more murderous neighborhoods. On the murder heat map these neighborhoods appear green, while the more deadly neighborhoods appear in orange and red. The green neighborhoods accounted for 41% of the neighborhoods in St. Louis and 0% of the murders. Additionally, the city’s downtown neighborhood only reported one murder for the year.

Top ten deadliest neighborhoods in St. Louis, (2019)
    Number of murders % of all murders in St. Louis
1st Wells-Goodfellow 16 8.20%
2nd Dutchtown 14 7.20%
3rd Penrose 12 6.20%
4th Jeff Vanderlou 11 5.70%
4th Walnut Park East 11 5.70%
6th Baden 10 5.20%
6th The Greater Ville 10 5.20%
8th Hamilton Heights 7 3.60%
8th Lewis Place 7 3.60%
8th Kingshighway East 7 3.60%
8th Walnut Park West 7 3.60%
(Top 11)   112 57.80%