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Driving While Intoxicated – TPC

Driving While Intoxicated

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Misdemeanor and Felony DWI

Driving While Intoxicated is its own specialized area of criminal defense litigation.  While the crime itself is common and easy to comprehend, the law and procedure is extensive and technical.  While many lawyers may tout they are equipped to handle Driving While Intoxicated offenses they are merely reiterating the fact that as a lawyer they are licensed to handle the case.  Only a lawyer with a full knowledge of the law and consequence of all nuances of the law is “equipped” to handle your case.  Prior offenses, mandatory jail time, license implications, college implications, career implications, way of life as you know it implications, prison time.  Your DWI needs to be handled by someone that knows what they are doing. An Attorney at our firm.

See below for a variety of explanation on the full services we offer for your particular DWI charge but remember that settling on the quality of your lawyer is a poor investment in your future.

Driving After DUI