Burglary may be self explanatory in some situations and in others you may be wondering “How in the world am I charged with burglary?” Simply put: Burglary is the unlawful entering of a home or inhabitable structure or unlawfully remaining in a home or inhabitable structure for the purpose to commit a crime therein.

In the common example of a burglar using a crowbar to gain access to a home so they can steal what is inside, we have no problem understanding this is charged as a burglary. They entered unlawfully (by breaking in with a crowbar) and their purpose was to commit the crime of stealing.

Even being in possession of burglary tools without committing a burglary can be a crime in certain situations.

burglary case successes

Burglary Tools:

Class D Felony | 1 year – 4 years

RSMo 569.180

Burglary 2nd Degree:

Class C Felony | 1 year – 7 years

RSMo 569.170

Burglary 1st Degree:

Class B Felony | 5 years – 15 years

A person commits the crime of voluntary manslaughter if he:

RSMo 569.160