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The People's Counsel Practice Areas

Drug Charges

The People’s Counsel, St. Louis Defense Attorneys, handles various drug-related charges. We’re experienced in handling charges ranging from possession to distribution.

Violent Crimes

We are experienced in working with charges related to violent crimes. Violent crimes include assault, armed criminal action, manslaughter, and murder. We target not guilty verdicts and reduced sentences.


The People’s Counsel has worked with clients to achieve numerous not guilty verdicts and reduced sentences. We’re experienced in 1st and 2nd-degree murder as well as manslaughter charges.

Assault Charges

Assault charges include misdemeanor assault, felony assault, and armed criminal action. Though armed criminal action carries a minimum jail sentence, we’ve worked with clients to ensure plea deals and not guilty verdicts.


The People’s Counsel is experienced in ensuring our clients receive the lowest sentence possible. In the case of a DUI/DWI, we work with clients to avoid license suspension, fines, and jail time.

Driver’s License Reinstatement

Following DUI/DWI charges, driver’s license is typically revoked or driving privileges are limited. The People’s Counsel works with clients to have driver’s license reinstated and driving privileges restored.


Burglary charges include simply being in possession of tools used for burglaries, 2nd, and 1st-degree burglary. We work with our clients to limit sentences and ensure not guilty verdicts.


The People’s Counsel has years of experience in working with clients charged with stealing. Stealing charges will be determined by the value of the goods. We work toward getting our clients limited sentences and not guilty verdicts.

Other Federal Crimes

The People’s Counsel is well versed in handling a variety of other federal crimes. From drug crimes, violent crimes, to a variety of other charges, we work to get our clients reduced sentences and not guilty verdicts.

St. Louis defense attorneys, The People’s Counsel, is dedicated to serving our clients. Through years of experience, The People’s Counsel has developed a winning strategy working towards getting our clients reduced sentences, plea bargains, and not guilty verdicts. Contact Charles Barberio for more information.