Cheap St Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer


If you have been charged with a crime in St Louis MO, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer fighting for your rights. But here at The People’s Counsel, we understand that many of our clients are operating on a tight household budget.

As a result of this economic reality, these individuals may not have a great deal of disposable income to hire a good, experienced St Louis criminal defense lawyer. This, of course, creates a problem. On the one hand, you greatly value your freedom (and therefore want only the best defense team in St Louis); but on the other hand, your bank account is not unlimited!

Flexible Saint Louis Law Firm

At The People’s Counsel, we have options for people who need affordable representation. We don’t actually have any “cheap lawyers” at our law firm, just an option for cheap legal fees. In fact, our top criminal lawyers are heavily sought after and have handled serious and high-profile cases. Over the years they have established proven track records of success that are recognized by other attorneys and judges. As such, these attorneys tend to become more expensive because the demand for legal service increases; yet there are only so many cases a lawyer should accept if they want to maintain the high level of work product that got them their excellent reputation in the first place. At The People’s Counsel, we can leverage the reputation and the experience of a higher-priced attorney but offer cheaper legal fees for those who simply cannot afford a high-priced law office for legal advice.

Our Criminal Defense Law Process

How do we charge lower fees? Each associate criminal attorney is hand-picked from law schools like Washington University and other prestigious law schools; they want to work at The People’s Counsel because they get to learn from some of the best criminal defense attorneys in St. Louis. They themselves are not yet sought after as criminal defense attorneys simply because that takes years and years of winning serious cases. However, they are skilled, with knowledge of the criminal justice system, and eager to prove themselves and start building their own reputation as a top lawyer. The People’s Counsel offers these associate attorneys at a more affordable rate while maintaining the overall strength and leverage of the entire firm.

Another common reason someone might seek out a “Cheap Criminal Lawyer” is that they perceive the legal situation that they are currently in, is not too serious so they don’t want to spend all the money it would cost to get the best lawyer in town. Unfortunately, even a lower-level criminal charge can carry serious implications, and the criminal justice system is not designed around the defendant’s convenience. So hiring a lawyer is still the most prudent route, but we understand you might not need our top murder attorney handling that case and charging you an arm and a leg. Our associate attorneys are a great option for misdemeanors or municipal charges because their rates are fair, affordable, and based on the criminal charges you are facing; rather than an expensive reputation.


The distinction between a “Cheap Lawyer” and our version of an “affordable lawyer” is important. Any lawyer can be cheap. The question is why are they cheap?… Are they bad? Have they taken on too many cheap cases without the time to devote to them, and therefore, no actual time to devote to your case? Unfortunately, often times the answer as to why they are cheap is not something that is beneficial for you.

The People’s Counsel affordable St. Louis lawyers are different. They are not overworked and they are not underpaid. The firm provides ongoing legal training and our attorneys attend and lecture at conferences throughout Missouri. They are eager to become the next generation of superstar St. Louis criminal defense lawyers and can consult with an in-house, experienced criminal defense attorney. They will work hard on your legal issue to prove their skills and build their own reputations. This will work in your favor.

Why do we offer reduced rates for certain clients? Because we understand that not everyone can afford substantial legal fees and we don’t think that should keep them from having a talented attorney fighting hard on their behalf. We have developed a unique business model that offers a great criminal lawyer at an affordable price while maintaining a superior attorney-client relationship. Furthermore, we build relationships with our clients and they are quick to refer other business to the firm; this in turn fuels firm revenue and allows us to continue to offer an affordable attorney option.

It should be noted that, regardless of how much lower an associate’s fees might be for criminal defense services in St Louis, our attorneys will always provide the highest level of legal representation and legal advice. Our lawyers maintain the highest standards of performance in all of St Louis County.


Payment Plans: The People’s Counsel also offers affordability through payment plans. While many top lawyers charge exorbitant fees and require lavish retainers; The People’s Counsel affordable lawyers offer payment plans.

Do not represent yourself:

Unfortunately, most people in the state of Missouri do not hire an experienced St Louis criminal defense attorney to help out with misdemeanor charges (regardless of cost). This is obviously a roll of the dice. The last thing you want to do is walk into court by yourself (without the aid of an attorney representing your interests).

Why is it a bad idea to represent yourself in a St Louis criminal case? Because the vast majority of people who serve as their own attorney end up pleading guilty to the charge(s). And when you plead guilty, that information is put on your permanent record. This will have a significant impact on your future. So when you go and apply for a job, the employer will very likely run a criminal background check. The criminal conviction will show up for all to see, and you will almost assuredly be knocked out of the running. The same thing would likely happen when you try to rent an apartment or take out a business/student loan (because the landlord and/or bank will run a similar background check).

Contact Us! We know criminal law

And this is precisely why we have made our prices as affordable as we can for certain types of criminal defense representation! At The People’s Counsel, we believe that everyone should have the chance to hire an attorney (regardless of their financial standing). So please do get in touch with us right away to learn more! We look forward to hearing from you!