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There are only a few ways in which you might handle a Wildwood MO speeding ticket. But if your goal is to make sure that the ticket ends up doing the least amount of damage, then please refer immediately to option #3. 

  1. You could do nothing at all. In other words, you could simply choose to shove the ticket in a drawer and forget all about it. This is easily the least advisable option. But a surprising number of people do this every day.

The only thing that this route will produce for sure is the issuance of a warrant. Why? Because if you don’t do anything about the Wildwood Missouri traffic ticket, then you will undoubtedly miss the initial hearing at night court. If you miss this required hearing, the judge will automatically hit you with a bench warrant. That warrant will remain in active status unless or until the judge recalls it (which is highly unlikely) or an experienced Wildwood Missouri traffic ticket attorney gets it pulled. 

At The People’s Counsel, we can help you if the ticket has gone to warrant. But deciding to do nothing about your Wildwood MO speeding ticket makes no sense at all, and we do not advise taking this route.

  1. You could roll the dice and represent yourself on the matter. If this is the course of action you take, there is one main thing you should understand at the outset. A person who serves as his/her own lawyer (commonly referred to as “pro se”) will be treated by the court exactly like a real attorney. In other words, don’t go into court that night expecting the judge to cut you any slack just because you are unaware of legal rules and procedures. 

You have probably seen all the tv shows and movies in which the pro se defendant acts alone, and, without any prior legal training, is able to outwit everyone else in the courtroom (including the judge and prosecutor), and wins the day. Its entertaining stuff. But completely irrelevant to your case. 

The more likely scenario will play out like this:  You arrive at court around 6 or 7pm. You wait in line at the security station as everyone empties their pockets. You then wait in another line to be assigned a seat in the courtroom. You wait around for God knows how long in the courtroom until your name is called. You then stand in front of the judge who reads the charges against you. 

Most folks assume this will be their big chance to tell everyone assembled about how you are innocent, and were wrongly accused. But the judge will not ever give you that chance. Because that’s not what this hearing is about. The judge will only be interested in how you wish to plead: “guilty” or “not guilty”. He/she will not allow you to speak very many words beyond that. And if you try, the judge will almost assuredly cut you off.

Instead, the judge might explain that if you plead guilty, a fine will be assessed (which you can pay that night), and you’ll be free to go. Or if you plead not guilty, then a trial will be set for some time in the future (about a month or so from that date). At this trial, you’ll be given a chance to call witnesses and present evidence favorable to your side of the story. 

As you might have already guessed, most people end up pleading guilty, because all the extra effort doesn’t seem worth it (and besides, the whole experience turned out to be nothing like how it is portrayed on tv). But pleading guilty will result in points becoming a part of your permanent driving record. This will then lead directly to much higher car insurance rates.

  1. You could hire an experienced Wildwood Missouri traffic defense attorney from The People’s Counsel to fix the ticket. This is by far the cheapest route to take (and also requires the least effort). Once we have been hired, our legal team will work closely with the prosecutor to get the ticket reduced from a moving violation down to a non-moving violation (such as Excessive Vehicle Noise). 

Why is this the goal? Because non-moving violations do not come with any points to your permanent driving record. If you driving record is free of points, then you won’t have to worry about higher auto insurance costs, and there won’t be any concern about losing your driver’s license (which can happen when you receive a lot of points within a short period of time).

All you have to do is give us a call. We will help get your ticket resolved quickly, so that you can drive freely. We look forward to hearing from you!