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A criminal charge in Wentzville MO is a very serious matter. Whether it is trespassing, possession of drug paraphernalia, disturbing the peace, or any other misdemeanor-level offense, these crimes carry potential jail time and large fines. So if you value your rights and privileges as an American citizen, and you are seeking the aid of an experienced Wentzville Missouri criminal defense lawyer, then please do give us a call at The People’s Counsel!

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people charged with crimes in the state of Missouri do not retain the services of an attorney. Instead, most people chose to represent themselves (which is referred to as a “pro se defendant”). However, the court will treat an individual acting “Pro Se” as if they are in fact an attorney. So if you choose this route (of self-representation), then you should be aware that neither the judge nor the prosecutor will cut you any slack just because you didn’t go to law school (or because you are unfamiliar with courtroom procedures in the Criminal Justice System).

A person who finds themselves in such a situation will almost always end up committing the same error: they will plead guilty to the charges. But once you admit guilt to a misdemeanor crime, it will become a part of your permanent record as a criminal conviction. Aside from some very limited circumstances, this conviction will stay on your record forever (as indicated by the word ‘permanent’).


How will a criminal history affect your future? An exhaustive list of the ways in which a conviction on your record can hurt you would run several pages (and is simply too numerous to name here). But here is a sampling of the negative consequences:

  1. Your employment opportunities will suffer. This is because nearly all businesses run standard criminal background checks on potential employees. For many employers, this is one of the primary ways in which job candidates are narrowed down (if you have an unclean record, then you are eliminated as a prospect). Even if you are qualified for the job in every other regard, a criminal conviction on your record can severely limit your future employment opportunities.
  2. Your chances of finding housing is going to be much more difficult. Just like in the above example about employers, most landlords (or property owners) will run background checks on all rental applicants. From the landlord’s point of view, he/she doesn’t want to rent an apartment to someone with a criminal past (because they don’t want any criminal activity occurring on the property). Even if your credit score is perfect and you have a good source of income, a conviction on your record can still crush your dreams of getting into that perfect house you had your eye on. ((FYI: If you plan on applying for public housing, hiring us to defend you is a very good idea. Governmental regulations on public housing are extraordinarily strict when it comes to criminal records.))
  3. Taking out a loan at a bank or other financial institution will not be easy. If you plan on securing funding for college or a business idea, then you will certainly want a clean record. Because even banks are now running background checks on customers (to determine if they are a good risk to loan out money). Negative marks on your record (such as a criminal conviction) will dwindle any chance you might have otherwise had in taking out a loan.

This short list is just a taste of what you can expect if you decide to plead guilty to the charges leveled against you by the Wentzville Municipal Court. But it does not have to turn out this way! There is a much better route for you to take. And it starts by reaching out to our Wentzville MO criminal defense attorneys at The People’s Counsel.

Our team will work hard to secure the best outcome in your case. Whether it is a dismissal of the charges (which can happen if the police violated your Constitutional rights), a reduction of the charges (which is usually worked out in a deal with the prosecutor in which the misdemeanor charge is amended to a lesser offense that does not show up on your record), or by entering into probation (which would involve a period of one to two years, and so long as you do not get into any other trouble during this period of time, the charge will not show up on your record).

So please do get in touch with us soon. We look forward to hearing from you!