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Have you received a speeding ticket in Webster Groves Missouri? Don’t let it get you down! It happens to a lot of people. 

But this kind of situation still needs to be handled correctly. Otherwise, that rotten little ticket will cause you even more grief. 


How so? Most folks take care of their Webster Groves MO traffic citations by doing nothing more than paying the fine that is listed on the back of the ticket. It seems like the easiest path to follow. 

But paying that fine is the same thing as pleading guilty to the ticket. You are in effect saying, “By giving this money to the court, I fully acknowledge my guilt, and accept any punishment you wish to dole out.” 

Once this happens, the state of Missouri will put a certain number of points on your permanent driving record. If you have points on your driving record, your automobile insurance rates will explode


For instance, just two (2) points on your driving record will increase your insurance by approximately 35% above your current rates. This rate increase will last for at least the next three years. 

Think about that for a minute! Month after month, for a total of thirty-six, you’ll be paying out far more on this particular household expense than you should. Money that could have been spent on far more pressing things.  

Our law firm wants to make sure that doesn’t happen!

And here’s how we are going to do it:  Let’s say you were pulled over for having run a stoplight in Webster Groves Missouri. That citation is described as a moving violation. In other words, the law you broke was committed while operating a motor vehicle. 

But pleading guilty, as mentioned above, results in points going on your permanent driving record. So the goal for our Webster Groves Missouri speeding ticket attorney will be to work out a deal with the prosecutor in which that ticket is reduced / amended down to a non-moving violation.

Why? Because a non-moving violation (such as Illegal Parking or Excessive Vehicle Noise) does not come with any points to your record. And that is precisely why we make this kind of deal our number goal. If there are no points assessed to your driving record, then you won’t have to worry about higher auto insurance

The only other alternative would be to do nothing at all. You shove the ticket into your back pocket, and forget about it completely. But if do not hire a good attorney for your Webster Groves Missouri speeding ticket, the court will require that you attend a mandatory hearing. If you have thrown the ticket away, then there is a low likelihood that you’ll actually show up in court. 

But missing a required court hearing will result in the judge issuing a warrant for you arrest. This warrant will remain in effect until it is recalled by the judge who issued it. Or until a St Louis traffic defense attorney gets it pulled. So if you do not get the warrant resolved, it will stay in active status until you get pulled over again (at which time the police officer will place you under arrest, and take you directly to the municipality from which the warrant originated). 

And one last thing:  Pleading guilty to one ticket, as mentioned earlier, will skyrocket your car insurance by as much as 35%. But if you subsequently plead guilty to yet another ticket within the next year (and receive more points to your permanent driving record), then your monthly auto insurance premiums will jump by another 50%. This increase will eat into your household budget by a considerable amount. 

So again, it is far more practical to contact The People’ Counsel about your traffic matters. Our team will do everything possible to get your ticket resolved in a quick, timely manner. And we will do it all for an affordable fee. No one law firm in the state of Missouri offers the same quality of service for such a low price. 

We look forward to hearing from you! But don’t wait unit the last minute to reach out to us. Very often, we will receive a call from a client whose court hearing is that very same night. In that kind of situation, we can indeed handle your traffic ticket. However, because of the last-minute nature involved, we typically have to charge more than our normal low rate. So give us a call, and our lawyer will make sure you receive the best outcome possible!