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There is nothing quite like getting pulled over and issued a traffic ticket. It’s not an experience that tops anyone’s list of favorite things. But receiving a Town and Country Missouri speeding or traffic ticket does not have to be the end of the world either!

Because that seemingly insignificant ticket that you received could, if not handled properly, turn into a nightmare. This may sound over the top. But if you go about things in the wrong way, that Town and Country Missouri speeding ticket can end up costing you thousands of dollars in much higher car insurance and fines to the court. 

We will get your Town and Country MO traffic ticket fixed quickly so that no points go on your driving record 

How so? Because most people take only one action when dealing with a Town and Country Missouri traffic ticket (and it’s not calling a lawyer to help them fix it). The vast majority of people simply pay the fine listed on the back of the ticket (which is usually about $100). They feel as if this is the right thing to do. And more often than not, folks aren’t even aware that a different option exists.

So what’s the big deal about paying the fine on your Town and Country Missouri speeding ticket? Paying the fine is the same thing as pleading guilty. In other words, once you hand over your money to the court, they will accept that payment as an admission of guilt.

And once you have plead guilty to a traffic ticket in the state of Missouri, the MO Dept of Revenue will assess a certain number of points to your permanent driving record. The exact number of points assessed will depend on the nature of your ticket. For instance, if you were caught speeding 10-15 miles over the limit, you can expect at least two (2) points. But if you were going 25 or more over, then those points will likely double. 

Our experienced Town and Country Missouri speeding ticket lawyer will make sure your auto insurance does not go up 

What’s the big deal about points on your driving record? It is the existence of points on your driving record that will significantly drive up your car insurance rates. Even one or two points on your record can lead directly to a 35% increase above your current rates. If we look at the numbers closely, you can see how big of a hit this will end up being to your wallet.

If the average monthly car insurance payment nationwide is about $150, then a 35% increase would be equal to $52.50. You would be paying this increased amount, month after month, for the next three (3) years. And when everything is said and done, the total out of pocket you will have coughed up will be close to $2,000 extra to your auto insurance provider. That’s a lot of money that could have gone towards much more pressing needs (like food or rent). 


And that’s not the end of it! Because if you plead guilty to several tickets, and therefore receive a lot of points (especially in a short period of time), you can actually lose your driver’s license altogether. For example, if you were to receive eight (8) points within a span of eighteen (18) months, the state of Missouri will suspend your license for thirty (30) days. And if the same thing were to happen a second time (8 points in 18 months), the state will increase the suspension to sixty (60) days. And then to ninety (90) days if / when it happens a third time. 

That’s a lot of rides you would have to catch from friends and family. But it can actually get much worse. This can happen if you receive twelve (12) points within a twelve-month period of time. When this many points are accumulated in such a short timeframe, the state will revoke your license for a full year!

So what can The People’s Counsel do for you? How can we fix it so that you do not have to worry about the negative consequences described above? Our Town and Country MO traffic ticket attorney will work closely with the local prosecutor to get your ticket reduced from a moving violation (such as speeding, so-called because the infraction occurred while the car was in motion) down to a non-moving violation (like Illegal Parking). 

Why is it our goal to get the ticket reduced in this way? Because non-moving violations do not carry any points. And if there are no points to worry about, then there will be no concern about higher car insurance or a potential suspension of your license. 

So give us a call. Our team is eager to help. We look forward to hearing from you!