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When it comes to tickets, our job at The People’s Counsel is simple:  we want to get your St Peters Missouri traffic ticket reduced from a moving violation down to a non-moving violation.

Why do we fix traffic tickets in St Peters Missouri this way? Because non-moving violations (so-called because the infraction took place while the car was not in motion, like Illegal Parking) do not carry any points. And anyone who knows traffic law in Missouri can tell you that avoiding points on your permanent driving record is the number one goal!

We will get your St. Peters MO traffic ticket fixed quickly so that no points go on your driving record – starting at $30

What’s so bad about points on your driving record? You should think of points like you would think of a bad grade on your report card. It doesn’t look good for your future. So in essence, points on your record make it look like you are a bad driver. And more specifically, a driver who does not follow the rules of the road. 

This is precisely why your car insurance provider will greatly increase your monthly rates. Even one or two points can lead to an increase of about 35% above your current premiums. Just so you can see how much of an increase that will look like, let’s zero in on a specific example: 

The average monthly car insurance payment for most Americans is about $150. An increase of 35% would therefore be $52.50. So you would be paying this much extra each month. If that doesn’t seem like that big of a hit to your wallet, consider the fact that this increase will last for the next three (3) years. That’s thirty-six (36) months of paying that extra amount, which in total will be just under $2,000! There are far better things you could spend your money on (especially two grand) than giving it to your auto insurance company. 

Our experienced St Peters Missouri speeding ticket lawyer will make sure your auto insurance does not go up 

One more thing about accumulating points on your driving record:  too many points will result in a suspension of your driving privileges. If you were to receive eight (8) points within eighteen (18) months, the state of Missouri will suspend your driver’s license for thirty (30) days. This suspension will increase to sixty (60) days if it happens again, and to ninety (90) days if it happens a third time. Additionally, you could lose your license for a full year if you get twelve (12) points within twelve months. That is a lot of rides you would have to catch from friends and family.

So why would anyone want this kind of craziness in their lives? Why do people allow points to go on their driving record?

The answer to this question is actually quite easy. The only way you can receive points to your record is if you plead guilty to your St Peters Missouri traffic ticket. And the easiest way to plead guilty to a traffic ticket in Missouri is to pay the fine listed on the back (which is usually about $100). As soon as you pay that fine, you have admitted guilt. And once your guilty plea is entered, the MO Department of Revenue will assess the points. 


So the wrong way to go about things will involve the following chain of events:  1) After receiving the St Peters MO traffic ticket, you pay the fine listed on the back;  2) The state will then assess a certain number of points to your permanent driving record;  3) Once those points attach to your record, the automobile insurance company you use will jack up your monthly rates;  4) This can lead, eventually, to a suspension of your driving privileges.

Now if you are wanting to avoid all of this, then please do give us a call at The People’s Counsel! As stated at the beginning of this article, our main goal will be to get your ticket reduced from a moving violation (like speeding, or running a stop sign) down to a non-moving violation. Why? Because non-moving violations do not come with any points. If there are no points, then there is no worry about increased auto insurance or suspension of your driver’s license. 

But please do act quickly. Because the longer you wait, the more at risk you become of a warrant being issued for your arrest. This often happens when someone misses a required court hearing on the ticket, and the judge issues a warrant for your arrest from the bench. We can often get warrants pulled, but it is far easier if all we have to do is take care of your St Peters Missouri speeding ticket. We look forward to hearing from you!