St. Louis County West

St. Louis County West Municipal Court Info

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 4:30PM
Court Phone: 314-615-8760 (option #4)
Division Clerk, Supervisor: Jacci Brown
Municipal Judge: Honorable Craig Concannon

Reviews for The People’s Counsel

“Highly recommend if you are looking for a trustworthy team to work on your behalf!”
—Ashley R.

“Charles and Tom are the BEST criminal defense lawyers EVER!!”
—James T.

“Great price, great communication, great lawyer!!”
—Teighlor P.

“I have worked with Charles Barberio twice now and have been incredibly impressed with his professionalism…”
—Carrie G.

The People’s Counsel can fix your St Louis speeding or traffic ticket quickly. We have successfully handled hundreds and hundreds of Missouri traffic matters over the last ten (10) years. As a result, our firm has seen it all!


Regardless of the municipality in which you received a ticket, we can help. Over the years, our attorneys have developed good working relationships with the various judges, prosecutors, and court clerks (and know most of these people on a first-name basis). This allows us to get your St Louis speeding ticket fixed fast.

In addition, we keep the cost as low as possible. Why? Because after you perform the same task hundreds and hundreds of times, you get pretty good at it. And once you reach a level of expertise in any field, you can either raise your prices (to account for your experience), or you can pass on the savings to your client (by lowering your rates to help as many people as you can).

We’ve chosen to pass the savings on to you!

But what happens if you DO NOT hire a St Louis traffic ticket lawyer? What are the benefits and/or consequences of this decision?

Here’s how such a scenario would likely play out: You show up to the mandatory court hearing on the designated day and time in the municipality that issued the ticket (it will almost always be a night-court docket, at about 5 or 6pm); you will have to wait your turn for the judge to call on you (dockets are normally called in alphabetical order, so if your last name starts with a ‘W,’ you might be sitting around for a while); once your name is called, you will stand at the podium in front of the judge who will read the charge(s) against you; this will not be an opportunity for you to describe the facts of your case; rather, it will be your chance to enter a plea of “Guilty” or “Not Guilty”; if you plead “Not Guilty,” the judge will set the matter for a trial (to be held in the next 30-60 days); this will theoretically give you a chance at some point down the road to speak with the prosecutor about your ticket.


As you can probably see for yourself, the scenario just described will end up costing you an incredible amount of time and effort (with no guarantee of a positive outcome).

But if you’d like to skip all of that bologna, then let our legal team at The People’s Counsel fix your St Louis speeding or traffic ticket! Because our process could not be more straightforward.

We get information about your ticket (like the ticket number, municipality, type of charge, court date, etc.).

We inform the court and prosecutor that we are handling your case.

We negotiate a deal (called a “plea bargain”) with the prosecutor. This deal will almost always reduce your moving violation (such as a common speeding ticket) down to a non-moving violation (like illegal parking, or some other low-level infraction). This deal is beneficial to you because a non-moving violation does not result in any points becoming a part of your permanent driving record. Which means your car insurance rates will stay the same, and you won’t have to worry about your driver’s license getting suspended.

Eventually, the prosecutor will send a “Recommendation” to our law firm. This document (usually referred to as a ‘rec’) will indicate:

1) what the charge has been amended down to (i.e. which non-moving violation your St Louis traffic ticket was reduced down to),

2) the amount of the fine to be paid to the municipality,

3) methods of payment, and

4) when payment of the fine is due.

In regards to the fine that you’ll pay directly to the municipality, there are a few things you should know. First, this new fine will likely be in the range of about $225-250. You probably noticed that the fine listed on the back of your traffic ticket is less than that (around $100 or so). The prosecutor increases the fine because he/she knows that you are receiving a substantial benefit by having the ticket reduced to a non-moving violation (because as a result of this reduction, you won’t end up having to pay through the nose on much higher monthly car insurance costs).

So if you’d like for us to fix your St Louis speeding ticket, please do get in touch with us right away. The longer you wait, the more at risk you are of the ticket going into warrant status. We can help with that kind of traffic matter as well. But it is much easier if all we have to do is fix the ticket. We look forward to hearing from you!