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The single biggest mistake that people make when they receive an O’Fallon Missouri traffic ticket is to pay the fine listed on the back. If you notice, the court gives you the option to pay that fine (which is usually about $100) any time before the court date, which is listed on the front of the ticket. It seems like the right thing to do, so people make that payment with a smile. But what the court does not tell you is that by paying that fine, you are pleading guilty to the O’Fallon MO speeding ticket. And if you plead guilty to a moving violation in the state of Missouri, the MO Dept of Revenue will assess points to your permanent driving record. 

We will get your O’Fallon MO traffic ticket fixed quickly so that no points go on your driving record – starting at $30

A lot of people are taken by surprise when they learn this information. “I never pleaded guilty to anything in my life!”, is statement I hear quite often. But that’s the system we have, and it is far better for you to be aware of this information now.

So what’s the big deal about points on your driving record? Points on your driving record is very similar to an “F” on your final exam. If a bad letter grade makes it look like you do not know the subject matter on the test, then points on your driving record make it look as if you are a bad driver (one that does not follow the rules of the road). 

And once your automobile insurance provider sees the points on your record, it will severely increase your monthly rates. Why? Because a driver that does not follow the basic traffic laws is the type of driver who is a statistically higher risk of ending up in a traffic accident. In order to cover this increased risk, the insurance industry will raise your monthly premiums accordingly. 

Our experienced O’Fallon Missouri speeding ticket lawyer will make sure your auto insurance does not go up 

How big of an increase to your car insurance can you expect? It will depend on the number of points that result from the O’Fallon MO traffic ticket you plead guilty to, but even one or two points will easily result in a bump of about 35% above your current rates. To put this into perspective, let’s take a look at a specific example.

If the average monthly car insurance payment is about $150, then a 35% bump would equal $52.50 extra. This additional amount will be paid, month after month, for the next three (3) years. So if you were to add it all up, at the end of that thirty-six (36) months period, you will have shelled out an extra $1,890 to your car insurance company. That is a whole lot of money being thrown out the door (that could have been spent on far more pressing things, like rent and food)! 


If that extra cost does not seem like all that big of a deal, then maybe this next piece of information will. Because if you receive too many points to your driving record, then the state of Missouri will suspend your driving privileges altogether. So for example, if you were to receive eight (8) points within a span of eighteen (18) months, your driver’s license will be suspended for thirty (3) days. If the same thing happens a second time (eight points in eighteen months), the state will suspend you for sixty (60) days. And then for ninety (90) day if it happens a third time. 

It is also important to point out that too many points on your driving record can lead directly to a suspension of your license. But before I give you information on this subject, it is worth restating that the only way any of these points will become a part of your driving record is if you first plead guilty to the underlying O’Fallon Missouri traffic ticket. In other words, the only way to accumulate points is to keep on admitting guilt to your traffic matters. Because so long as you continue to do that, points will be continue to be added to your record. So for instance, if you were to receive eight (8) points within eighteen (18) months, then the state of Missouri will suspend your driving privileges for thirty (30) days. If this happens a second time, the suspension will last for sixty (60) days, and for ninety (90) days if it happens a third time. Additionally, if you receive twelve (12) points within a span of twelve months, the state will revoke your license for a full year. 

So what can the experienced O’Fallon Missouri traffic ticket lawyers at The People’s Counsel do for you? Our primary goal will be to get your O’Fallon Missouri speeding ticket reduced from a moving violation (so-called because the infraction occurred while the car was in motion) down to a non-moving violation (like Illegal Parking). If we are successful in working out such a deal with the local prosecutor, and the ticket is amended to a non-moving violation, then no points will go on your record.

Why? Because non-moving violations do not carry any points! And if there are no points to worry about, then your car insurance will remain the same. And you won’t have to worry about a potential suspension of your driver’s license. So give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!!