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Maryland Heights Missouri Criminal Defense Attorney – TPC

Maryland Heights Missouri Criminal Defense Attorney

Maryland Heights Municipal Court Info

Hours: 9AM – 4:30PM, Monday – Friday
Court Phone: (314) 291-6036
Court Administrator: Gerry Durfee
Municipal Judge: Kevin R. Kelly

Reviews for The People’s Counsel

“Highly recommend if you are looking for a trustworthy team to work on your behalf!”
—Ashley R.

“Charles and Tom are the BEST criminal defense lawyers EVER!!”
—James T.

“Great price, great communication, great lawyer!!”
—Teighlor P.

“I have worked with Charles Barberio twice now and have been incredibly impressed with his professionalism…”
—Carrie G.


If you have been charged with a crime in Maryland Heights, then please do give us a call. At The People’s Counsel, we believe in the American ideal that everyone deserves a well-planned and executed defense. The sooner you contact us, the better. We will want to start gathering evidence and information on your case immediately!

Our legal team prides itself on being able to handle even the most difficult and complex cases. And Maryland Heights MO happens to be a municipality that issues a great many criminal citations each year. This is primarily because Maryland Heights is home to some of the larger venues in all of St Louis, such as the Hollywood Casino & Amphitheatre and the Westport Plaza. Event held at these venues often results in a lot of charges for trespassing, drug possession (and paraphernalia), disturbing the peace, and assault.


But unfortunately, most people do not hire an experienced Maryland Heights Missouri criminal defense lawyer when they are charged with a crime. Instead, they walk into court all by themselves. This is highly inadvisable course of action. Because the last thing you want on your permanent record is a criminal conviction. And 9 times out of 10, that is exactly what happens when someone represents themselves (without the aid of defense attorney). The individual waits for their name to be called then walks up to the podium and pleads guilty.

So for example, let’s say you have been charged with trespassing in Maryland Heights. Most people are unaware that this is a misdemeanor crime. As a result, they incorrectly believe that not much harm will come of it. But if you plead guilty (as many ill-informed citizens do), that admission of guilt will turn into a conviction that will attach to your record permanently.


With that seemingly insignificant trespassing charge on your record, it will follow you every place you go. When you go to apply for a job, the employer will undoubtedly run a criminal background check. That conviction will pop up, and your chances of getting hired will be severely diminished. Or if you fill out an application for an apartment, the same thing will happen (a background check will be run, and you’ll likely be denied the chance to live in the place you had your heart set on). Or if you seek out a loan from a bank to open your own business, that financial institution will run a background check, and the opportunity for funding will quickly vanish.

But this is why it is so critical to retain a good Maryland Heights MO criminal defense lawyer to help you! When you hire The People’s Counsel, we will work tirelessly to protect your rights. After we gather the necessary information and evidence, our first goal will be to determine if there is a way to get the charge(s) dropped. This possibility exists if/when the police officer mishandled evidence (or if the officer performed his duties in a manner that violated one of your Constitutional rights).

In the alternative, our Maryland Heights Missouri criminal defense attorneys may be able to get the charge(s) reduced by working out a “plea bargain” with the local prosecutor. Many criminal charges are disposed of in this way because our team possesses an expert-level of knowledge of the law, and can convince the prosecutor that a lesser charge should be applied. So for instance, instead of a misdemeanor trespassing citation, The People’s Counsel might get the charge amended to a minor infraction (such as “Littering,” which will not show up on your permanent record, and therefore eliminating all the negative consequences described above).

And in some situations, our criminal defense team can actually suspend the imposition of any jail time or fine altogether. This is referred to as an SIS (or Suspended Imposition of Sentence). In this kind of scenario, we make it clear to the court that it would be better if you were placed on a period of probation (usually one to two years in duration). If you successfully make it through the probationary period without incurring another criminal charge, you will not have to do any jail time, nor pay any fine to the court. Instead, upon completion of the probation, the charge will fall off (as if it never existed).

Of course, there are occasions when no deal can be worked out, and it becomes necessary to take your case to trial. Our team has successfully litigated criminal charges all over the Greater St Louis area, so if in fact, your case ends up in trial, The People’s Counsel is more than ready to defend your interests!

All you need to do is give us a call! We will provide you with the best criminal defense services in all of Missouri. But please don’t wait too long. The sooner we can begin working on your case, the better the outcome will be. We look forward to hearing from you!!