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Lake St. Louis Municipal Court Info

Hours: 8:30AM – 5:00PM, Monday – Friday | 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, with some exceptions. Doors open at 5:00PM.
Court Phone: 636-625-1058
Court Administrator: Mary Vance
Municipal Judge: Dennis R. Chassaniol, II

Reviews for The People’s Counsel

“Highly recommend if you are looking for a trustworthy team to work on your behalf!”
—Ashley R.

“Charles and Tom are the BEST criminal defense lawyers EVER!!”
—James T.

“Great price, great communication, great lawyer!!”
—Teighlor P.

“I have worked with Charles Barberio twice now and have been incredibly impressed with his professionalism…”
—Carrie G.


The Lake St Louis Missouri criminal defense lawyers at The People’s Counsel have been successfully representing people for over ten (10) years. Our legal team has a tremendous amount of experience, having litigated some of the most high-profile cases across the state of Missouri. And we would be more than happy to assist you in this time of need!

Because let’s face it, if there is ever a time in your life when you will need the knowledge and experience of an expert-level practitioner of the law, it will be when a municipality (like Lake St Louis MO) decides to charge you with a crime. 

When The People’s Counsel is hired, our criminal defense team will immediately swing into action. From the very first phone call we receive from you, our attorneys will begin collecting facts and evidence helpful to your case. This is an important first step of the process, because very often it can turn out that either the prosecutor and/or the police made a mistake when you were charged. 


For example, when a police officer performs his/her duties, he/she is held to an incredibly high standard in regards to any search or seizure (of a person, or a person’s items). This duty is enshrined in the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, which makes it unlawful for a government official (such as an officer of the law) to conduct him- or herself in a way that violates your individual rights against illegal searches and seizures. 

This provision of the Constitution is very often used in the defense of an individual who has been criminally charged in Missouri. However, it is an unfortunate fact that most Americans (including those residing in or near Lake St Louis MO) do not retain the services of a good criminal defense lawyer. This decision, more often than not, ends up leaving people in an extraordinarily difficult position down the road. 

Why? Because self-represented individuals almost always make the same mistake when confronted with misdemeanor charge(s): they plead guilty (without ever putting up a fight). 

Why is admitting guilt a bad thing? Because once you do, this admission will become a part of your permanent record. In effect, you will have thrown away your right to investigate the tactics used by the police; you will have eliminated the chance to determine if the officer you came into contact with violated your Constitutional rights; and you will have forever left a negative mark on a record that everyone can see. 


With a criminal conviction stuck on your record, the chances of getting a decent job in the future will be quite difficult. Why? Because most employers nowadays run criminal background checks on all potential employees. That charge you plead guilty to will of course show up, and you will very likely be passed over for the job. The same exact problem would occur when you try and rent an apartment. Most landlords run the same background check on all applicants, and as a result, the house you had your eye on will be rented out to someone else. 

But at The People’s Counsel, we have a much different plan in mind for you! Even if we cannot get the charges against you dismissed, there is still a very good chance that we will be able to work out a “plea bargain” with the local prosecutor. This is a negotiated deal in which you would not plead guilty to a misdemeanor (which means you would avoid all the negative consequences described above). As a result, you would do no jail time (and your record would stay clean). Instead, the prosecutor would recommend to the judge that you plead to a much lesser offense (such as “littering,” which would never become a part of your permanent record). You would still have to pay a fine, but this deal is far better than having your future opportunities squashed. 

And all it takes is for you to simply give us a call! Our team is ready to start working on your case right away. We look forward to hearing from you!!