Kirkwood Missouri Speeding and Traffic Tickets

Kirkwood Municipal Court Info

Hours: Tue, 8:30AM – 3:30PM
Court Phone: 314-822-5840
Court Clerk: N/A
Municipal Judge: Stephen O’Brian

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—Ashley R.

“Charles and Tom are the BEST criminal defense lawyers EVER!!”
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When you hire us to fix your Kirkwood MO speeding or traffic ticket, you are getting expert-level representation from a seasoned traffic defense lawyer (who has successfully handled hundreds and hundreds of citations over the last ten (10) years). 

How does our legal team take care of your Kirkwood Missouri traffic ticket? Our primary goal will be to get that ticket reduced to a non-moving violation. 

What is a non-moving violation? That is a low-level traffic infraction that does not come with any points to your permanent driving record. 

What are points? The state of Missouri uses a Points System to judge how good of a driver you are. The more points on your record, the more the state sees you as a bad driver on the road. 


What’s the big deal about points? If points become a part of your driving record, your automobile insurance provider will raise the monthly cost of your premiums by a significant amount. For instance, even one or two points will lead directly to an increase of 35% above your current rates. 

So how do points become a part of your driving record in the first place? The only way points will be assessed to your record is if you plead guilty to a moving violation. There are many examples of a moving violation (some of the more common ones would be speeding, improper lane change, running a stop sign, etc.). But if you decide to plead guilty to this kind of Kirkwood Missouri traffic ticket, the state will automatically place a certain number of points to your driving record. 

Can you just try and get the ticket fixed by yourself? Sure, there is nothing stopping you from trying to apply your legal skills in the Missouri Municipal Court System. And who knows, you might end up getting the same deal that an attorney could secure for you. 

But in order to potentially achieve this kind of outcome on your own, you’ll have to attend any and all required hearings (there will be at least two, spread out over a few months, each one starting in the evening, usually around 6 or 7pm). You’ll have to wait in line with everyone else until your name is called to stand in front of the judge. ((Most folks believe that if you are representing yourself, the judge will cut you some kind of break. This is untrue.)) 

So yes, you can make the decision to act as your own lawyer. But the court will treat you the same way it does all other attorneys (as if you have the same level of experience and knowledge as someone who passed the Bar Exam). At some point, you’ll be granted an audience with the prosecutor to discuss your ticket. But more than likely, the judge will set the matter for trial, at which point you are free to call witnesses and present any evidence you think is favorable to your case.

Sound a bit daunting? It should! Over the years, our Kirkwood Missouri speeding ticket lawyers have watched plenty of folks who started off on this route, only to then hire The People’s Counsel to help them out of the jam. Because more often than not, judges will strongly advise a self-represented individual, “You need to go and hire an attorney!” 

There are a few other things you should be aware of:

First, if you have previously plead guilty to a Missouri traffic ticket, and therefore currently have points on your record right now, then a second guilty plea will jack your monthly car insurance through the roof. Instead of a 35% increase, you’ll be looking at closer to 50% above current rates. 

And if those additional points are received within a relatively short period of time (like if the total number of points are assessed within about a twelve-month span), then you run the risk of having your driver’s license suspended. Why? Because the state of Missouri considers this an unacceptable history of disobeying the law, and they will want to make the punishment sting. And if you are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle for a full year, the punishment will hit you hard. 

But here’s the good news:  None of this has to happen! And the only thing you’ll have to do is get in touch with us. The sooner you act, the better. Why? Because if you wait too long, and end up missing a required court hearing, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. We can help in those situations as well. But it is far easier (and cheaper) if we are just dealing with the single traffic ticket. We look forward to hearing from you!!