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There are basically two options for someone who is facing criminal charges in Festus Missouri: 1) You can roll the dice, and try to represent yourself in all legal-related matters before the court; 2) You could contact an experienced Festus MO criminal defense lawyer to help you navigate the complex world of rules, regulations, and laws in the Criminal Justice System.

Let’s start with the first option (in which you serve as your own attorney). Making this choice is a gamble for a number of reasons. Aside from the fact that most Americans have a limited understanding of how the criminal courts do business, self-represented individuals almost always end up making the same mistake: they plead guilty to the charges leveled against them (without ever putting up a fight, or making a counter-argument).

Why would someone simply plead guilty to a misdemeanor crime? Very often, an unsophisticated defendant will incorrectly believe that the charges they are facing are “no big deal!” And if what they face is no big deal, then why would they go and hire “a high-priced lawyer?”


To begin with, misdemeanors in the state of Missouri carry potential jail time and large fines. So the short-term consequence of pleading guilt to the crime is the loss of freedom. But even if you are not sentenced to any time behind bars, there are many long-term effects of a guilty plea that you should be made aware of.

  1. An admission of guilt will result in the charge becoming a part of your permanent record as a criminal conviction. This is perhaps the most damaging outcome of pleading guilty. Because no matter where you go, or what you do in life, your record will follow you.
  2. Getting a good job will end up being way more difficult as a result. This is because most employers in today’s hyper-competitive economy will run criminal background checks on potential employees to weed out candidates. So even if you are perfectly qualified for the position, an unclean record will almost certainly eliminate any chance of getting a good paying job.
  3. Renting an apartment or house that suits your individual needs is going to be way more difficult. As with the employers mentioned above, most landlords also run similar background checks on rental applicants. Just imagine all that time spent finding the right school district (in a safe neighborhood), only to have the rug pulled out from underneath your feet. And if you have a criminal conviction on your record (especially if it is drug-related), then you can all but forget about securing public housing.
  4. Taking out a loan from a financial institution (like a bank) will not be easy. If you have aspirations in life, like going to college or starting a business, these goals will hit a brick wall with a marked-up record. This is because lenders are increasingly using criminal background checks in order to determine which loan applicant is more at risk of a default.


But this is not the path that The People’s Counsel has in mind for you! Our Festus Missouri criminal defense lawyers will follow a very specific set of procedures to ensure that your Constitutional rights are protected.

For instance, one of the first things our legal team will do is thoroughly review the evidence, and see if a possibility exists to have the charges leveled against you dismissed. This can happen if the police officer you came into contact with mishandled evidence, performed an unlawful search / seizure, or violated some other law.

Additionally, we will work closely with the local prosecutor to put together a “plea bargain”. This is an agreement in which you would plead guilty to a lesser offense (instead of the original misdemeanor charge, such as possession of marijuana, trespassing, or disturbing the peace). The lesser offense (like a minor infraction such as ‘littering’) would not ever show up on your permanent record (therefore avoiding the negativity described above).

All you have to do is give us a call! Our team is ready to get to work on your case immediately. We look forward to hearing from you!!