Ferguson Missouri Speeding and Traffic Tickets

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If you’ve received a speeding or traffic ticket in Ferguson Missouri, the last thing you want to do is pay the fine listed on the back of the ticket. 

Why? Because if you pay that fine (which is usually in the amount of about $100), the state will consider that to be an admission of guilt. In other words, you will be saying to the court, “Yes, I do want you to put points on my permanent driving record.”

If you are unfamiliar with how the Points System works in the state of Missouri, then let us take a moment to explain. 


Points on your driving record is similar to a student receiving an “F” on their exam. It is not a good indication of how well you know the material. The same idea is in play when points are involved. When the state of Missouri puts points on your driving record, it is saying to the world that you are not a good driver (that you do not follow the rules of the road).

Why is this a big deal? Because if there are points on your driving record, then your automobile insurance company will increase your monthly rates by a shocking amount. Even one or two points can easily result in a bump of 35% above your current rates. This increase will last for at least the next three (3) years (or until you become eligible for a scrubbing of your record).

Why would your does the car insurance industry do this? Because if the state says you do not follow traffic laws, then that means there is a greater chance that you’ll end up in a car accident. In order to cover this increased risk, the insurance industry will spike your monthly premiums through the roof

If you would rather avoid that outcome, then please do give us a call at The People’s Counsel! Our experienced Ferguson Missouri traffic ticket lawyers will make sure that your ticket is handled properly and with care. 

To make sure no points become a part of your driving record, our staff will work closely with the prosecutor in Ferguson MO to get your traffic ticket reduced from a moving violation down to a non-moving violation. A moving violation is just what it sounds like: it is some sort of infraction committed while you were operating a motor vehicle. This would include a Ferguson Missouri speeding ticket, improper lane chance, no proof of insurance, or running a stop sign.

Why do we want to get that ticket reduced down to a non-moving violation? Because a non-moving violation (like Illegal Parking) does not come with any points. And if there are no points on your record, then your car insurance will remain the same

But let’s be as clear as possibe:  If you pay the fine listed on the back of your Ferguson Missouri speeding ticket, you will incur points. It’s as simple as that. And if you get too many points on your record, you will be at risk of the state taking away your driving privileges altogether.

One last thing you should know about traffic ticket in the state of Missouri:  If you do nothing about it at all, the result will be a warrant for your arrest. If you have an active warrant, and the police pull you over again, then you will be taken into custody, and hauled off to jail. And you will sit in jail until someone bails you out (by paying a huge bond to the Clerk of the Court), or you hire a Ferguson Missouri traffic defense attorney from The People’s Counsel to get the warrant pulled. So it is far better to get in touch with us from the beginning so that you can avoid this! 

Getting a Ferguson MO traffic ticket does not have to be the end of the world. Tickets are common, and everyone receives one at some point in their lives. But the key factor is how you handle it. Please don’t go through this process alone! We are here to help. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will swing into action. The same day! We look forward to hearing from you.