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When you ask Americans about what they cherish the most about this country, there is one response you frequently hear: our freedom. But the interesting thing is that, when an American’s freedom is put to the test, we more often than not allow our individual rights to be trampled upon.

There is no better example of this phenomenon than when the government charges you with a crime. So let’s say Ellisville Missouri has accused you of misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Just because the local prosecutor has charged you with this (or any) crime, it does not automatically mean you are in fact guilty. Very often, the facts of your particular case do not warrant such a charge at all.

But unfortunately, the vast majority of people charged do not ever seek out the aid of an experienced Ellisville MO criminal defense lawyer. Instead, they more or less walk into court by themselves, and act as if they have no choice but to accept the charge as is. This attitude very much flies in the face of American’s stated desire to remain free. Because if you do not hire a legal team to protect your Constitutional rights, your freedom is in peril of being lost.


So how do the Ellisville Missouri criminal defense lawyers at The People’s Counsel fight for your rights? To begin with, our team understands that it is the prosecutor’s job to prove that there is a sufficient amount of lawfully obtained evidence to charge you with. And if we find (or can show) that the evidence used to charge you was unlawfully collected, then we will waste little time in asking that the charges leveled against you be dropped.

Here’s an example: Let’s stay with the scenario described above (in which you are charged with possession of paraphernalia). If the police officer you came into contact with found the alleged paraphernalia through unlawful means (i.e. an illegal search of you or your personal items), then we would argue that the paraphernalia was unlawfully seized by the officer. If the evidence that the prosecutor used to charge you with is thrown out as inadmissible, then there really is no longer a case against you.

Sometimes, the physical evidence itself does not rise to the level of drug paraphernalia. Believe it or not, sometimes prosecutors will issue charges when the collected evidence is not drug paraphernalia at all. At The People’s Counsel, our criminal defense team will not simply take the prosecutor’s word. We will demand a full description of the evidence be provided to us. And if the alleged evidence does not meet the statutory definition of drug paraphernalia, our legal team will again ask that the charge(s) be dismissed.


What happens if we cannot get the charges dropped? The next step in our Ellisville MO criminal defense process would be the negotiation of a “plea bargain” with the local prosecutor. Plea bargaining is by far the most often used method to dispose of criminal charges around the country (and this would include Ellisville Missouri). It basically involves The People’s Counsel working out a deal in which the misdemeanor charge (whether it is drug paraphernalia, or trespassing, or disturbing the peace, etc.) is reduced down to a lesser offense (such as “littering”).

The reason why such a bargain is beneficial to you is because pleading guilty to the lesser offense (i.e. littering) means nothing negative will go on your permanent record. This is an incredibly important point to make because most people never hire an experienced Ellisville Missouri criminal defense lawyer, which means they incorrectly believe that their only option is to plead guilty to the misdemeanor they have been charged with.

If you make this decision, that misdemeanor will become a part of your permanent record as a criminal conviction. This in turn will make things very difficult for you when applying for future jobs, renting an apartment, or taking out a loan. But if we are successful in negotiating a plea bargain on your behalf (which we have done countless hundreds of times over the last ten (10) years), then nothing will go on your record at all.

If our approach to defending people’s rights sounds good, then please do give us a call! Our staff will get to work on your case immediately, and strive to give you the best outcome possible. We look forward to hearing from you!!