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Hours: Mon – Fri, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM | Court Sessions are held on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 P.M.
Court Phone: 314-835-6117
Court Administrator: Julie McVey
Municipal Judge: Charles H. Billings

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“Highly recommend if you are looking for a trustworthy team to work on your behalf!”
—Ashley R.

“Charles and Tom are the BEST criminal defense lawyers EVER!!”
—James T.

“Great price, great communication, great lawyer!!”
—Teighlor P.

“I have worked with Charles Barberio twice now and have been incredibly impressed with his professionalism…”
—Carrie G.


There is a big choice someone faces when they have been charged with a crime in Des Peres Missouri. The choice comes down to whether or not you will either: 1) Seek the assistance of an experienced Des Peres MO criminal defense lawyer to help you; or 2) Walk into court with the idea that you’ll be representing yourself.

At The People’s Counsel, we have represented hundreds of individuals charged with crimes all over the state of Missouri (from the lowest-level misdemeanors, to some of the most serious felonies that the state can charge a citizen with). Over the last ten (10) years, our legal defense team has gained invaluable experience into the criminal justice system. As a result, we have found a great deal of success in beating back the charges that the Des Peres Municipal Court has issued.

When a Des Peres Missouri criminal defense attorney from The People’s Counsel is hired, we do not waste any time! After notifying the court that we will be representing you, our team will gather up all the pertinent facts and evidence associated with your case. This will of course include things like the police report (which is a document written by the arresting police officer who gives his/her version of the events). But it will also include a thorough examination by our attorneys into the particular circumstances that led up to your arrest.


We have found at The People’s Counsel that even the smallest detail can bolster our defense strategy (details that many other lawyers would either overlook, or regard as insignificant). In following this strategy, our Des Peres MO criminal defense attorneys have gotten many criminal charges dismissed over the years.

Even if we are unable to get the charges dropped, our lawyers have developed good working relationships with the judge and prosecutor in Des Peres. This has allowed us to hammer out many “plea bargains,” which is a deal that we would work out with the prosecutor on your behalf. Plea bargaining is by far the most common way in which criminal charges are disposed of across the United States (because it presents a very efficient manner in bringing resolution to the case without having to go to trial).

The typical plea bargain would involve a situation in which we would convince the prosecutor that instead of pleading guilty to the original criminal charge (which will almost certainly be a misdemeanor, such as trespassing, disturbing the peace, or possession of marijuana), you would accept a guilty plea to a lesser infraction (such as “littering”). The reason why this would be beneficial to you is because pleading guilty to the minor offense will ensure that nothing negative goes on your permanent record. And if your record stays clean, then you will not have to deal with all the negative consequences that would otherwise come your way.


And of course, there are those occasions in which our Des Peres Missouri criminal defense lawyers will have no choice but to take your case to trial. Although there is no guarantee as to how things will turn out in a trial setting, it is important to point out that it is the prosecutor who bears the full responsibility of proving that you are in fact guilty of the crime he/she charged you with. This is a significant factor, because our team will work tirelessly to prove that your actions do not fall within the statutory definition of the charge, while fighting relentlessly against the prosecutor’s arguments. At The People’s Counsel, we have successfully reached Not Guilty rulings in some of the most high-profile cases in Missouri.

The other option available to you is to serve as your own attorney (a position described by the court as “Pro Se,” meaning “for oneself”). Pro Se defendants, however, almost always end up making the same mistake: they plead guilty to the original charge (without ever putting up a fight).

Why would someone do this to themselves? Because most people do not take their legal matters very seriously, and as a result, they believe that they will do just fine by themselves. But can you imagine being diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition, and believing that you’ll be okay (just because you have watched several episodes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’)? Of course not! But this is exactly how most folks treat their legal matters. And the consequences of this decision become clear very quickly. Once you plead guilty to a criminal charge, it will become a part of your permanent record (which will adversely affect your chances of getting a good job, renting a decent apartment, or taking out a student loan).

So instead of dealing with all of that negativity, please do give us a call! We will get to work on your case immediately, and get you the best outcome possible. We look forward to hearing from you!!