Creve Coeur Missouri Speeding and Traffic Tickets

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Let’ start with the basics:  a speeding or traffic ticket in Creve Coeur Missouri not something that you want to treat lightly. It is a state infraction that can, if not handled properly, end up costing you through the nose


How does a seemingly simple Creve Coeur MO traffic ticket result in higher costs to you? If you are like most people who receive a traffic ticket in Missouri, you will handle it by paying the fine listed on the back of the ticket. That fine will be about $100 (give or take). 

Most people look at that cost and figure that this amounts to an easy way of disposing of the ticket. All they have to do is pay that fine, and the matter is put to rest! But most folks have no idea that there is any other alternative to this solution. They are unaware of the fact that a Creve Coeur Missouri speeding ticket attorney can help reduce their costs substantially! 

How does as traffic defense lawyer reduce your costs? Let us answer this question by going back to that $100 fine on the back of your ticket. Once you pay that fine, the Creve Coeur Municipal Court will regard it as an admission of guilt. In other words, your payment to the court of the $100 fine is the same thing as you pleading guilty to the charge of speeding (or improper lane change, or running a stop sign, or for whatever reason you were pulled over). 


Once you plead guilty to that Creve Coeur Missouri traffic ticket, the MO Department of Revenue (an agency tasked with overseeing motor vehicles) will assess a certain number of points to your permanent driving record. The exact number of points assessed will depend on a few factors. For instance, if you were speeding 10-15 miles over the limit, you will likely receive two (2) points. But if you were speeding 25 or more miles over, the number of points will likely double. 

But even one or two points will blow up your monthly car insurance by about 35% above your current rates. This rate increase will last for at least the next three (3) years (at which time you might qualify for a scrubbing of your driving record). So if you look at the raise in your auto insurance through the widest lens possible, you will see that the total out-of-pocket cost to you over the next thirty-six (36) months will be close to $2,000 extra! That’s a lot of money to shell out to your automobile insurance provider. 

In addition, there is also the possibility that your Missouri driver’s license could be suspended by way of points on your driving record. This can happen is you receive too many points within a short period of time. For example, if you get eight (8) points within eighteen (18) months, the state will suspend your driving privileges for thirty (30) days. If the same number of points are accrued within another eighteen months, the state will suspend your license for sixty (60) days. And the third time this happens, the suspension will last for ninety (90) days. 

Just think of bumming a ride from friends and family every day for that long! It would not be fun. And unfortunately, a lot of people in that kind of situation will still drive, which puts them at risk of receiving a Driving While Suspended ticket (which is a misdemeanor criminal charge). 

And then there are those folks who do nothing about their Creve Coeur Missouri traffic ticket (or forget about it altogether). If you end up missing a required court hearing on your ticket, the judge will automatically issue a warrant for your arrest. That warrant will stay active until it is recalled by the judge (which only happens unless or until you pay out a huge bond) or a Creve Coeur Missouri traffic warrant attorney gets it pulled. 

These are really negative outcomes! But in order to avoid them, all you have to do is give us a call. Our Creve Coeur Missouri traffic ticket attorneys at The People’s Counsel will work closely to get your ticket reduced from a moving violation down to a non-moving violation. A non-moving violation does not come with any points to your driving record. No points = no worries!! 

So get in touch with us soon! And we will get to work on your ticket immediately. We look forward to hearing from you!!