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“Charles and Tom are the BEST criminal defense lawyers EVER!!”
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Have you recently been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor crime in Creve Coeur Missouri? Are you currently trying to figure out your options? Would you like to know more about your rights? Do you have a good understanding of what an experienced Creve Coeur MO criminal defense lawyer can do for you?

These are the types of questions that are likely circulating through your brain right now as you wonder what the future will hold. Because having to face criminal charges in Creve Coeur Missouri can certainly be a life-altering event (if not handled properly). For instance, did you know that the vast majority of people charged with misdemeanors in Creve Coeur (and elsewhere across the United States) do not ever reach out to a good criminal defense attorney for help?

Instead, these folks end up representing themselves. But when people walk into court alone, there is really only one outcome that results: they plead guilty to the charge(s).


Why would someone plead guilty to a misdemeanor (especially since doing something like this is often completely unnecessary)? Whether it is a lack of knowledge, an over-inflated confidence, or a simple misunderstanding of how the Criminal Justice System works, self-represented individuals almost always make the same mistake, and admit guilt.

But there are severe consequences in making this decision. Because once you plead guilty to a misdemeanor, it will become a part of your permanent record. Once such a thing is on your record, it will stay there for good (haunting you over and over again as you go through life). Below is a short list of the ways in which a guilty plea (to a seemingly harmless misdemeanor) will negatively affect your life:

1. Any time you apply for a job, there is a very good chance you will be eliminated as a candidate for the position. Just imagine all the time it takes to find that perfect job, the one that you are for sure is yours for the taking. In every single way, you are qualified. It’s almost as if this position was created for you. After applying, you make it to the final stage, and the employer informs you that one of the last steps is a simple criminal background check. One week later, you receive a letter informing you that the job has been offered to someone else.

2. Trying to get a decent apartment is going to be a lot harder than you might think. After looking at many different rental spaces, you finally find the one that will fit the needs of you and your family. Great schools, a grocery store nearby, and the neighbors seem really nice. But just as it was in the above scenario, the landlord runs a background check, and just like that, your dream home is rented out to someone else.

3. Taking out a loan from a financial institution will prove way more difficult. Plan on attending college in the future? Or how about starting a new business? Or both? It’s the American Dream to go out and educate yourself, so that you can turn around and use that knowledge to create your own startup. But both of those ventures (higher education and a business idea) cost money. And the only real way to secure the necessary funds is by taking out a loan. But guess what? Most banks and lending organizations run criminal background checks in order to weed out risky applicants.


Heard enough? Are you now convinced that it might be a good idea to at least talk to a good Creve Coeur Missouri criminal defense attorney? If so, The People’s Counsel is here for you! Our legal team has handled hundreds of criminal cases over the last ten (10) years, and we would be more than happy to assist you.

One of the first things our team will do is determine whether or not the charges leveled against you have any merit. Because believe it or not, there are many occasions in which a prosecutor will issue a subpoena even when the legality of the charge(s) is questionable. For instance, let’s say you have been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. If the police officer who found the allegedly illegal item came into contact with it by way of an unlawful search, our highly trained Creve Coeur MO criminal defense team will point this out to the local prosecutor, and ask that the misdemeanor be dropped.

Alternatively, because our legal team has such a good relationship with the local prosecutor in Creve Coeur, we would also be in a good position to request that the charge(s) be amended to a lesser offense. So for example, if we can convince the prosecutor that it would be far better for all involved for you to plead guilty to a minor infraction (such as ‘littering’) instead of misdemeanor possession (which would result in you having to deal with all the negative consequences described above), this would be ideal, because an infraction such as ‘littering’ will never show up on your permanent record.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to avoid all the negativity that would come your way if you decided to serve as your own attorney. And it all starts by you giving us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!!