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Hours: 8:30AM – 5:00PM, Monday – Friday | Tuesday evenings at 7:00PM approximately three times per month. Clarkson Valley Municipal Division is held once a month on a Tuesday evening at 6:00PM.
Court Phone: (636) 537-4718
Court Administrator: Nancy Morr
Municipal Judge: Rick Brunk

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“Charles and Tom are the BEST criminal defense lawyers EVER!!”
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“I have worked with Charles Barberio twice now and have been incredibly impressed with his professionalism…”
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Have you been charged with a crime in Chesterfield Missouri? If so, it is very important that you understand three (3) key pieces of information. Because understanding these concepts can make the difference in whether or not you remain free.

  1. You are entitled to an attorney to represent your legal interests and defend your rights. At The People’s Counsel, our Chesterfield Missouri criminal defense lawyers have helped hundreds of people beat the charges leveled against them.

Just because the Chesterfield Missouri prosecutor has brought criminal charges against you, it does not mean that you are in fact guilty. Or that the charges should have even been brought in the first place. Very often, people are charged with crimes they did not in fact commit.


If the State of Missouri accuses you of having broken the law, it is the prosecutor (who is a government employee) who must prove that the actions you took resulted in the commission of a crime. The prosecutor cannot simply say to the judge, “He did it!” and win the case. The government has the responsibility of proving every element of the statute under which you were charged. This is a heavy burden and requires a level of proof that goes ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that you are indeed guilty.

And this is precisely why it is so vitally important that you seek out a Chesterfield MO criminal defense attorney who has the experience and expertise to defend your rights! Our team will not waste any time in gathering all the facts and details of your case so that we can develop a rock-solid defense on your behalf. Our attorneys are tested trial lawyers and will not be pressured into accepting a bad deal; without one of our Chesterfield lawyers on your side, you may be forced into accepting a less favorable outcome.


  1. You are entitled to a trial and the presumption of innocence (innocent until proven guilty). In some cases, the best strategy is to take the matter to trial (in front of either the judge or a jury chosen from the local community). This would allow us to present evidence and/or call witnesses on your behalf. It also forces the state, as mentioned above, to prove that you are in fact guilty. But our highly experienced Chesterfield Missouri criminal defense lawyer has successfully litigated many high-profile cases throughout the state of Missouri (including 1st Murder charges).

If the prosecutor is unable to meet the necessary burden of proof, then you will be found Not Guilty. In the alternative, a deal might be reached with the prosecutor ahead of any trial. This is referred to as a “Plea Bargain.” Such a deal might involve an amended charge, in which the original crime you have been charged with is reduced down to a lesser infraction (like “Littering,” a low-level infraction that will not show up on your record). Or it might involve a period of probation, in which the judge does not sentence any jail time or fine, but rather places you on a probationary period (of usually one to two years in length). In the event that you make it through the probation period, the original charge will not appear on your criminal record, and you won’t have to worry about anything negative on your permanent record.

  1. If you do not hire the best Chesterfield Missouri criminal defense lawyer, your chances of securing a good outcome are low. Most people do not seek out the aid of an attorney to defend them when charged with a crime. Instead, the vast majority of Americans decide to roll the dice, and take their chances by going through the process alone. But putting your freedom at risk is not worth it!

When people do not seek out a good Chesterfield MO criminal defense attorney, they almost always end up pleading guilty to the charge(s). But if you plead guilty, you’ll receive a criminal conviction on your permanent record. Having a conviction on your record will result in a number of negative consequences. For instance, many employers run criminal background checks on all potential job seekers. That conviction will show up on the background check, and very likely eliminate you as a candidate. A criminal conviction can also hurt your chances of renting an apartment, taking out a student loan, or getting a hotel room.

Your Constitutional rights should not be taken for granted! One of the most fundamental rights of all Americans is the ability to face your accuser and defend yourself against the charges leveled against you. All you have to do is give us a call! Our staff will swing into action immediately, and make sure you receive the best representation in all of St Louis, including Maryland Heights. We look forward to hearing from you!!