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When you contact the Bridgeton MO criminal defense lawyers at The People’s Counsel, our team will swing into action immediately. We do not waste any time defending your Constitutional rights to the fullest! And you deserve nothing than the best (especially when it comes to your freedom)!!

The choice to criminally charge someone with a misdemeanor (like trespassing, possession of marijuana, disturbing the peace, etc.) is a decision made by the local Bridgeton MO prosecutor. But this decision by the prosecutor does not automatically mean that you are in fact guilty of the crime. Very, very often, it can be shown that there is no basis at all for such a charge. This statement can be shocking for many people to hear. ‘If I’m not actually guilty of the crime, then why was I charged?’

A prosecutor is just a human being (like you or me). He/she goes into work every day with a long list of things to do. He/she is under time constraints, and has certain deadlines. Just like when you go to work, he/she looks at a problem, and then uses his/her knowledge to make a decision on how to approach the problem. And just like everyone else, the prosecutor can end up taking shortcuts (or do things in a half-hearted manner, or even overlook pertinent facts).


The bottom line is this: just because the prosecutor has leveled criminal charges against you, it does not automatically mean that you are in fact guilty. But unfortunately, most people do not seek the aid of an experienced Bridgeton Missouri criminal defense attorney when they are facing charges. Instead, they represent themselves (which is like blindly rolling the dice at the casino). And when people serve as their own attorney, they almost always commit the same error: they plead guilty to the charges leveled against them.

Why do people, who have no legal experience at all, and who may quite possibly have been wrongly accused, end up pleading guilty? This is a very good question, and if there was an easy answer, we would give it. But for whatever reason, people end up choosing to gamble their futures when it comes to legal matters.

So what happens when you plead guilty to a Bridgeton MO misdemeanor criminal charge? There are both short- and long-term consequences. To begin with, an admission of guilt can allow the prosecutor to recommend that you serve time in jail and/or pay a large fine. However, it is the long-term effects of your guilty plea that will come back to haunt you (over and over).


Let’s say you have plead guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge. That will then turn into a criminal conviction on your permanent record. So when you go to apply for a job, rent an apartment, or take out a student or business loan, there is a very good chance that you’ll be denied. Why? Because the people in charge (the employer, the landlord, the loan officer at the bank) will run a simple criminal background check on you. The conviction will pop up for all to see, and you will likely be eliminated as a candidate.

But things do not have to turn out this way! These are some of the many reasons why you need a good, experienced Bridgeton MO criminal defense attorney handling your case! Our legal team will gather all the necessary facts, evidence, and documents to defend your position, and make sure your rights and interests are protected.

For instance, one the first things our team will do is determine whether or not the charges leveled against you have any merit at all. If we see an opportunity to ask that the charges be dismissed, then we are going to take it. Such a dismissal could be the result of an error on the prosecutor’s part. Or it could be that the police officer who wrote the original citation performed his/her duties in an improper manner. Quite frequently, a person’s Constitutional rights are violated by an officer more frequently than you might believe (normally by way of an illegal search and/or seizure). If something similar happened to you, then The People’s Counsel will make the prosecutor aware of it, and demand the charges are dropped.

In the alternative, our Bridgeton MO criminal defense lawyers might be able to work out a “plea bargain” with the local prosecutor. This is how the vast majority of all criminal cases are resolved in America, and our legal team has an amazing record when it comes to securing favorable deals for our clients.

But the first step in the process will involve you reaching out to us. Our team is ready to take your case immediately. We look forward to hearing from you!