Ballwin Missouri Speeding and Traffic Tickets

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Hours: Mon – Fri, 8:00AM – 5:00PM | Court meets two Tuesdays each month at 5:30PM (subject to change).
Court Phone: (636) 227-9468
Court Administrator: Mikki Spangler
Municipal Judge: Honorable Virginia Nye

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Receiving a speeding or traffic ticket in Ballwin Missouri does not have to end badly. Our legal team is ready and able to fix your traffic matters quickly, and make sure this ticket does not cause you any troubles.

How does a simple Ballwin MO speeding ticket end up screwing with your life? How could a traffic citation, of all things, cause you any problems?

Because when most people receive a Ballwin MO speeding ticket, they figure that the best (and only) way to take care of it is to simply pay the fine. But once the fine is paid, that’s when the real turmoil begins.


Why? Because paying that fine, while it might seem like the right thing to do, is the exact same thing as pleading guilty. Not very many people realize this. But once you receive next months’ car insurance bill, you’ll soon find out why. 

When you plead guilty to a traffic ticket in Ballwin Missouri, the MO Dept of Revenue will assess points to your permanent driving record. How many points? That will depend on the nature of your ticket. For instance, if you have plead guilty to a speeding ticket in which you were traveling 10-15 miles over the limit, you will likely receive two (2) to three (3) points. On the other hand, if the ticket was more than 25 miles over, then a guilty plea will result in far more points to your permanent driving record.

Why is this a big deal? Why should you worry about points becoming a part of your record? Because points lead to much higher car insurance rates.

Why does your auto insurance go up when you receive points? Because when the state of Missouri places points on your driving record, they are telling the world that you are a driver who does not put any value in following the law. And if you are the type of person who doesn’t follow the rules of the road, then you are the kind of person who is more likely to end up in an automobile accident. 

From the insurance carriers’ point of view, a high-risk car driver is more expensive to cover (because statistically, these drivers cause a great deal more damage). 

But that’s not the only negative outcome of pleading guilty to a Ballwin Missouri traffic ticket. Let’s say you already have points on your driving record from previous tickets. This is a problem, because the accumulation of points can lead to a suspension of your license to drive. 

The good news is that we can help prevent any of this from happening! The People’s Counsel has a level of expertise that is unmatched anywhere in the St Louis area. So regardless of what your traffic ticket might be, our Ballwin Missouri speeding ticket lawyers are ready to assist. 

So what is our secret? Here is a breakdown of the process will go:  First of all, we will let the court and prosecutor know that The People’s Counsel represents you on this matter. Second, we will begin negotiations with the prosecutor to get your ticket reduced from a moving violation down to a non-moving violation. 

This isn’t some kind of magic trip. It is just good old-fashioned legal haggling with a government official. And if we are successful, it will eliminate any points from going on your permanent record, your car insurance will stay the same, no warrants will be issued for your arrest, and no chance of your driving privileges being revoked. 

All you have to do is get in touch with us! Our Ballwin Missouri traffic defense team will fix your tickets in a timely fashion, and make sure your immediate future is not harmed in any way. We look forward to hearing from you. So give us a call right away!!