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Affton Missouri Speeding and Traffic Tickets


Affton MO speeding tickets can lead to points on your driving record, much higher car insurance, a possible arrest warrant, and in some situations, a suspension of your driving privileges

But none of these negative outcomes have to happen! The Affton Missouri traffic ticket defense team at The People’s Counsel is able to take care of your ticket immediately. All you have to do is give us a call. 

The first step in the process will be to make the court and prosecutor aware of the fact that our firm is representing you this matter. From that moment forward, the court will communicate any and all information about your Affton MO speeding ticket to us (which means you won’t have to worry about it). 

The second step will involve our team negotiating closely with the prosecutor to get the best deal we can. This deal is described as a “plea bargain,” and it almost always results in the ticket being reduced from a moving violation down to a non-moving violation. 

The final step will be to get your approval of the deal, so that you can pay the appropriate fine. This will involve us sending you a copy of the “Recommendation”. This document is drawn up by the prosecutor, and it is basically the prosecutor saying to the judge: ‘I recommend that this speeding charge be amended down to a non-moving violation. If the defendant accepts this deal, he/she will pay a fine of $$$ within thirty days.’


Once this three-step process is complete, that Affton Missouri traffic ticket will give you no hassles whatsoever! No points, no higher auto insurance, and no risk of a warrant or suspension of driving privileges. 

The alternative to the process just laid out is a nightmare. And unfortunately, that is the nightmare that most people with an Affton Missouri speeding ticket fall into. These folks do not call an experienced traffic specialist at The People’s Counsel to help fix their ticket. Instead, they end up making the biggest mistake when it comes to traffic matters:  They plead guilty to the ticket.

How does someone plead guilty to a St Louis speeding ticket? All you have to do is pay the fine listed on the back of your ticket, and just like that, you have indicated that you wish to enter a plea of guilt. This is shock to most people, because they assume that the only option available to them is paying the fine. 

But once that fine is paid to the court (the cost is usually about $100), and your guilty plea is entered, this information will be sent to the MO Dept of Revenue. This is the state department that will then assess a certain number of points to your permanent driving record. And please be aware, getting points on your record is the last thing you want to happen when facing a Affton Missouri traffic ticket. 

Why? Because when points are put on an individual’s driving record, your automobile insurance company will jack up your monthly rates. This is because points indicate that you are the type of driver who does not follow the rules of the road. And if you do not follow traffic laws, you are at a much greater risk of getting into an automobile accident. If you present more of an accident risk, then the insurance industry is going to raise your rates accordingly so that they can better cover that risk. 

And we are not talking about a small, insignificant bump. Even one or two points on your driving record will easily lead to a 35% increase above your current rates. And by the way, that extra cost is not just going to last a month or so. It will carry on, month after month, for at least the next three (3) years. That will end up being a tremendous amount of money. 

So please do get in touch with as soon as possible. Because the longer you wait, the more of a risk that your Affton Missouri traffic ticket will turn into a warrant for your arrest. This happens often when people do not hire an attorney, and end up missing a required court hearing. We look forward to hearing from you!