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TPC – St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney
a proven track record of success

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Criminal Defense Attorney St. Louis

Skilled Lawyers

We are criminal trial lawyers with a proven track record of winning.

Sometimes a plea bargain is the best option for a client; sometimes it is not.
Our skilled criminal defense attorneys are excellent at negotiating favorable plea bargains and winning at trial.

Practice Areas

Our firm handles all State and Federal Criminal Matters.

Misdemeanor or Felony; our firm works with each client personally to achieve the best possible outcome for their case. We have handled the most serious of charges obtaining not-guilty verdicts and dismissals.

Free Consultations

Call us for a free consultation on your rights and the legal process.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, let our firm help you through this difficult time. Call us today for an absolutely free consultation.

Charles Barberio

Talented Criminal Defense Attorney St. Louis. Charles Barberio has a proven track record of winning felony
jury trials in jurisdictions all across the states of Missouri and Illinois.

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What Sets Us Apart

What makes us the best St. Louis criminal defense attorneys and lawyers:

1. Trial Tested Success

The only certainty in our criminal justice system is the right to a trial by a jury of our peers. At that trial the government will be represented by a skilled attorney trying to put you or a loved one in jail. Charles Barberio is a talented and winning criminal defense attorney that has the proven track record of winning in the courtroom. Other attorneys may get steamrolled by an overzealous prosecutor or lying police officers. Our St. Louis criminal defense lawyers will stand up and fight for you!

2. Trust & Compassion

We understand that being charged with a crime can be a scary experience. We take time to explain the legal process thoroughly and make sure that our clients our involved in the decision making process. Our criminal lawyers will work with you or your loved one to identify the pros and cons of all options throughout the legal process.

3. Custom Tailored Defense

Every case is unique and deserves considerate individual attention. Our criminal lawyers will analyze your entire case and work with you to assess what is important to you. We then create a custom plan of action specifically tailored to your unique circumstances to achieve that goal.

Domestic Assault (Not Guilty)

 Incident involved a man and his partner. She alleged that he held her down, covered her mouth, and kept her from leaving the room.  St. Louis defense attorneys at People’s Counsel received not guilty verdict after noting that incident was only reported three months later after the defendant called off their engagement. People’s Counsel noted lack of bruises or injury.  Jury found defendant not guilty.

Murder, Armed Criminal Activity (Not Guilty)

St. Louis lawyers at People’s Counsel represented a man who sat in jail for almost an entire year awaiting trial. The defendant claimed the shooting was done in self-defense.  The prosecutor and police did not conduct an investigation for 8 months despite sufficient evidence to free the defendant. The jury saw the injustices carried out by the police and prosecutors and the defendant received a not guilty verdict.  “My client was hung out to dry by the police and the prosecutor.” -Charles L. Barberio

Drug Charges (Case Dismissed)

Charges were brought up against a man who was visiting St. Louis from out of town for business. Police arrested the man for possession of marijuana. Police then illegally searched the man’s hotel room coming across felony drugs. The police officer’s testimony failed to establish probable cause. St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney Charles L. Barberio of People’s Counsel stated, “It was the legal equivalent of a first-round knockout.”

Why Choose The People’s Counsel for Your Criminal Defense?

The People’s Counsel has a proven track record of success.  Based in St. Louis, Missouri, we’re a team of skilled criminal defense lawyers that fight for your defense.

The People’s Counsel was founded by Charles Barberio. Barberio is an accomplished criminal defense attorney with a defined track record.  Barberio has accumulated dozens of Not Guilty verdicts for his clients.  He ranks among the very top in Not Guilty verdicts.  Receiving multiple accolades and awards, Barberio offers a level of proven success not found in other criminal defense attorneys.

The People’s Council specializes in a broad range of practice areas.  From the smallest misdemeanors to the most severe felony charges, we have a proven track record of defending our clients.  Practice areas include drug crimes, DUI/DWIs, burglary, stealing, assault, murder, and other violent crimes.  In addition to crimes allegedly committed at the state level, The People’s Counsel also represents clients accused of federal crimes.

We’re not a mega-law firm.  We understand that each trial is different.  There’s only one thing sure about the criminal justice process, and that is the right to a trial.  The People’s Counsel and Charles Barberio will not be steamrolled by overzealous prosecutors and lying police officers.

The People’s Counsel is a trustworthy and compassionate st. louis criminal law firm.  We understand that being charged with a crime is terrifying, stressful, and it may seem like the entire world is against you.  We explain the legal process throughout and ensure that our clients are involved in the decision-making process.  We work with your loved ones and identify the pros and cons throughout the legal process.

Finally, we custom tailor your defense.  We understand just how unique each case is and take the time to consider every aspect of a trial.  We analyze your entire situation and assess what is important to you.  With the information amassed in our analysis, we then create a custom tailored plan of action built around you.

The People’s Counsel is comprised of the best criminal defense lawyers in st. louis.  We offer free consultations.  If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, please call us anytime for a free consultation.  We are on your side, and we’ll make sure you are properly represented.  You can count on the People’s Counsel to deliver justice.